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Afghan Children's Relief Fund

The Afghan Children's Relief Fund is a non-profit fund administered by officers of the 1st Battalion 118th Infantry (South Carolina Army National Guard), 218th Enhanced Separate Brigade.

The 1-118th Infantry Battalion deployed to Afghanistan, as part of Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix VI, in May 2007 for a one year deployment. The Headquarters is stationed at Camp Phoenix, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The village of Hued Kheyl surrounds Camp Phoenix and is the main focus of the Fund's activities. The area consists of approximately 4000 homes, 40,000-50,000 people, 24 mosques and 25 schools.

The Fund is in its 3rd year of operation begun by 2-116th Field Artillery (Florida Army National Guard) and continued by 1-180th Infantry (Oklahoma Army National Guard).

The Fund's activities are focused on two missions supporting the Children of Afghanistan:

  • Humanitarian Assistance Missions
  • Civilian Medical Assistance Missions